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Our state-of-the-art consulting services are geared towards helping you to create powerful strategies, implement them efficiently and finally start to scale and grow your business into the future. Having the latest high-tech equipment with the most experienced team means nothing if your name isn't on the lips of every car-owner in your area. To achieve this, you need tried-and-tested marketing techniques that will put you on the map and a guiding hand from someone who is intimately familiar with the challenges of running a small to medium business in the automotive industry.

What to expect

Our 4-step consulting process has been carefully laid out to ensure that you are able to enjoy every aspect of our qualified consultants' advanced specializations.
Join Ms. Tiffany for your first free one-on-one consult where we will get to know the face behind your brand and determine your strengths, weaknesses and goals
Develop your unique business success plan, focusing on building the foundational elements of your brand including marketing, customer service and best practice
Guide you through the implementation of your success plan, ensuring that we stay true to your brand's authentic voice every step of the way
Commit to regular consults with you in order to assess your growth and put a maintenance plan in place for continued success

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We strive to go beyond standard consulting to offer you a genuine investment of time and expertise into your business. Whether you need a push in the right direction, ad hoc advice on specific issues or regular intensive support, our offering covers every requirement.

We're all about building relationships
Success starts with a radical mind shift. Instead of viewing your service clients as a series of once-off events, we advocate for viewing each client as a lifetime of transactions.
Working on this belief, we help you to gain an in-depth understanding of how to meet your clients' long-term long term needs so that you can maximize your service by offering a lifetime of benefits.

Some of our premium consulting services include:

  • Ensuring that you are making the most out of your estimating software
  • Assisting with CRM for your shops
  • Assessing and Optimizing your phone systems, communication methods, work authorizations
  • Providing Training on CCC estimating and demonstrating how to make the most out of the software
  • How best to use windshield tags and simple solutions for keeping track of all of the keys
  • Methods for tracking parts and returns efficiently
  • Advanced tips and tricks for easy accounting for your business
  • Navigating price matching and knowing the difference between a salary and commission
  • Helping you to understand and make the most of your total losses
  • Knowing your way around mark ups and the best way to approach them with sublet repairs
  • How to track and get paid the price difference for your paint and supplies
  • Shop loading, work flow control, vehicle delivery and after sales initiation
  • Making service reservations efficiently as well as systems for in and out processing
  • Effectively measuring key metrics and inefficiencies
  • Navigating the best deals with insurance companies
  • Marketing including direct mail, email, text message, promotional products, social media and paid ads
  • Website review and SEO guidance