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Your shop could have the most capable repair pros, but it won't mean much if nobody knows about it. With the help of a consultant, you can put your business on the map.

Sometimes we just need someone to help focus us and give us expert advice and that is what we do here at Auto Body Consultants. Our consultants have a wide array of experience within the Automotive Industry and each have their own niche, within the Industry, where they truly shine. All our Experts have real life experience within the Automotive Industry implementing their tactics and recommendations, we do not just operate off theory. We understand the problems and struggles Auto Collision Shops face.

We always have new clients start out with a Free Consultation Session with Ms. Menefee so we can gage where your shop is at and have a real conversation with you to find out what you think your struggles are and what you would like help on refining and tweaking in your shop. Consulting is always a 2-way street. We can give you the advice and help you implement it but to turn your shop into a Great Shop you are going to have to put the work and time in to see the results.

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When you work with us, you'll get one-on-one consulting services designed to help you improve your business performance. Our team will:

  • Meet with you to discuss your needs and struggles
  • Develop a customized business success plan with tools that will improve your business, brand awareness and customer relations
  • Help you implement your success plan

Your business could thrive like never before with a few new tactics. Reach out today to discover how a consultant can help your business.