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Tired of your Tech coming into the Office to ask what work is authorized on a vehicle when they could have easily just looked at the Repair Order? Keep Production rolling by giving not only your Technician but everyone in the Shop a Quick and Easy Overview of Repairs that are Authorized by marking up the vehicles with 3 different colored Autowriter Pens. Green for Authorized Insurance Repairs, Yellow for Authorized Repairs Customer Pay, and Red for Pre-existing Damage.

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We use the OG of car paint pens the Autowriter Pen and you can find them here

Many consultancies claim to offer top-notch advice. But the reality is, it comes with no on-the-ground experience and a hefty price tag, leaving you with expensive theories and no solid game plan. In our effort to build a strong, well-equipped and informed community of owners in the industry, we've created a space on our site for helpful tips and tricks that will transform your business from the ground up. Scroll through our collection of crafty secrets that we use in our own wildly successful company and start implementing small, actionable strategies to start growing your business today.


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