About Ms. Tiffany

President of renowned Pronto Body Shop, Inc., Ms. Tiffany Kay Menefee took over a failing shop in 2015 that was generating less than $300,000 per annum and revamped it in less than 5 years to become a successful boutique auto collision repair facility, serving the greater El Paso area. Now, generating an astounding $2 million, her business goals are focused on customer education, innovative service offerings, community involvement and customer care that goes the extra mile.

With a background in Insurance, Ms. Tiffany led a noteworthy career on the opposite end of the industry for over 20 years before investing in Pronto Body Shop. Without any knowledge of how to run a shop, except for what not to do, Ms. Tiffany spent time learning the ins and outs of the industry through trial and error, tears, sweat and a little blood. Without experience, she went through the common feeling of being taken advantage of by co-workers and industry professionals and it took her a great deal of time before she finally found her feet and transformed the business into a highly successful, well-oiled machine.

Having achieved a whopping 500% annual revenue increase within 5 years, Ms. Tiffany has her heart set on being the leading body shop in the area. A dedicated volunteer and active member in her local business community, she is involved with the prestigious El Paso Chamber of Commerce, which named her shop its Medium Enterprise of the Year in 2019 - a clear sign of what's still to come.

Being open and honest about her initial struggles is what sets Ms. Tiffany's consultancy apart. Having been through every challenge, achievement, heartbreak and success that the world of automotive business promises, Ms. Tiffany is perfectly positioned to guide other owners on their journeys so that you don't have to start from scratch. Using her personal experience, Ms. Tiffany's and ABC's ultimate goal is to help you to skip past the struggles and frustrations that she went through and to assist you in setting up the essential systems and procedures that you need to finally be successful.