Is Your Body Shop Struggling to Survive?

Learn how to be more effective with the help of a consultant

Welcome to Auto Body Consultants, where we share the "ABC's of Business" with extra-ordinary companies in the automobile industry.

If you're the owner of a small to medium-sized auto collision, auto body, auto paint or mechanic service shop, you know that the key to giving your business the competitive edge is finding a consultant that has first-hand experience in conceptualizing, launching and scaling a successful business in the industry. Being in a specialized field means that one size definitely does not fit all. We understand that you need tailor-made, custom solutions to your business's unique requirements.

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At Auto Body Consultants, we're committed to your success. You can depend on us for a variety of consultation services, including those centered on:

  • Marketing & Branding
  • Shop Flow
  • Estimating & Insurance Best Practices
  • Systems & Procedures

Make sure your auto collision shop is well-equipped for success. Schedule a Free Consultation Session Now or Email us at to ask any questions you may have.

Local business helping local business

We're focused on helping area auto shops prosper because we care about local companies that provide essential services. As a small business, we know it can be tough to succeed. But with the right strategies in place, any business can thrive. You can count on us to provide you with critical knowledge that can change the course of your business.

With a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience, we understand that one consultant, as traditional consultancies offer, cannot cover all of the requirements that you need to achieve and maintain success. That's why our team of dedicated experts are steadfastly committed to helping you become as productive and efficient as possible, implementing advanced strategies for success and leading automation systems that free up valuable time so you can focus solely on building a thriving business. We're all about collaboration and invest time right off the bat in learning about your company so that we can help you to harness your full potential for growth and make a long-lasting transformation from the inside out.

Our full-service consultancy is geared towards an affordable, high-quality and exceptional value 360-degree service offering including One-on-One Consulting, Communications and Branding Audits, Customized Solutions, Marketing and Networking Support among other essential services for optimal growth. We champion exciting philosophies such as inclusivity, collaboration and progressive thinking as well as ideas like 'community over competition' and 'healthy boundaries for small business owners' with the aim of creating a network of cutting-edge, contemporary businesses that will ultimately transform the industry.

We want to walk this journey with you so if you're ready to level up your business, reach out to us today for a free initial one-on-one consultation on video or face-to-face with Ms. Tiffany!